The Adirondack III is a schooner (fancy name for sailboat) that was designed to carry passengers comfortably, which is very unheard off for schooners; the modern design is made to provide a fun and comfortable ride for passengers. When you step aboard this schooner you will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of room you will have!

This sail boat is 80 feet in length with a 16 foot beam, and fits 41 guests comfortably.

When you step aboard, you’ll noticed the beautifully varnished mahogany rails, and clean teak deck; the wooden vessel and white glass overlay makes her standout from her schooner counterparts.

The captains are U.S. Coast Guard licensed, and the crew is very hospitable and experienced! Aboard are two bathrooms, blankets for cold nights and beverages for each trip.

To schedule an appointment aboard this magnificent sail boat, please give us a call at 617-622-3421.

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(617) 622-3421

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